Sandy and Wayne Nelson Christmas letter 2010 … update


December 17, 2010

Wayne and I just finished making Wild Plum Jelly. We pick the plums in early summer on a friend’s property, then rinse and freeze them in plastic bags until November or December. Wayne does all the processing of the fruit and making the jelly and putting it in the jars and I do all the boiling of the lids and jars and most of the clean up. The jelly is delicious and we love sharing it with our friends.

It’s been a great year with the exception of a few minor glitches. In January we had a water leak in the Master bath we couldn’t find, and the plumbers could not find, then came the ants in the Master bath and bedroom, we battled them until March when we finally got rid of the ants and found that the water leak was under the Jacuzzi tub.

On February 12th we had 5 to 6 inches of snow, it was so beautiful, we don’t see much snow in East Texas and Sassy, our Beagle, had never seen snow, she had lots of fun jumping through the snow drifts. Partly due to the snow we had a lot of damage to our pine trees and spent early spring cleaning up and removing damaged trees.

Also in February we celebrated Tony and Ginger’s 25th Wedding Anniversary at Dinah and Trains’ home close to Greenville, TX. It was great fun.

Wayne’s Aunt Polly died in early April and we went to Manhattan for the funeral. Bonnie was staying with our pups and tripped over one of them and broke her elbow in three places and dislocated her shoulder. Needless to say that was a real bummer.

In May Wayne’s sister Tanya and her husband Gary came for a visit and then we went to Manhattan to visit family. My sister Dinah stayed with the pups and we had a fun visit in Manhattan.

In June Wayne’s cousin Garry Williams came to visit, we went to Kilgore Oil Museum, the Blueberry Farm and visited friends. We had a relaxed time and great visit.

In July Dinah’s husband Traian had open heart surgery and came through it with flying colors. Wayne began working on building a new Pulpit and a new Lectern which he finished in August, and a Baptismal font that he finished in early November and last but not least he remodeled the Altar for our church which he finished just before Thanksgiving. They are all beautiful.

In August we celebrated Wayne’s 70th Birthday and our 50th Wedding Anniversary. We had a wonderful get together at the church for our anniversary and had so much fun visiting with friends and family from all over. My cousin Dick Murray came from Oregon and stayed for a few days and we had a wonderful visit. Our friends Ken and Karen Medema really surprised us by flying in from Michigan for the day. All my family came and Wayne’s sister Ann and her two sons and three grandsons came so it was terrific. Thanks to all of you who were able to be with us and help us celebrate.

In September I celebrated my 70th Birthday, Wayne took me to lunch and dinner at two of my favorite places. Sunday we celebrated with friends and family at our house.

Wayne’s having pain his back and hip so we have been spending December trying to find out what is causing his pain. So far the Doctors do not think it will involve surgery but he still has several more doctors’ appointments in December.

Looking forward to a great 2011 and wish you the same. Love, Sandy & Wayne