Anderson, Ronald




October 12, 1939 – January 27, 2008


He was survived by his

Wife, Linda

his Mother, Margaret

and his Brother, Jerry Anderson (Fresno, CA)

Daughters: Stacey and Stefanie

and Grandchildren: Tylor 19; Ashlin, 6; and Chrislyn, 4.

He was preceded in death by his father and brothers, Tom and Bobby.



Reflections: (submitted by his wife, Linda)

      "I wanted to let you know that Ron died Jan. 27, 2008 [in Madera, CA].  He had been diagnosed with bladder cancer in Nov. 2006.  He had chemo and radiation with great results showing no more cancer.  On Dec. 21, 2007, he was given a ‘no cancer’ check-up but then on Jan. 19, 2008, I noticed he wasn’t acting like Ron.  They put him in the hospital and ran tests which showed he had two large brain tumors and two smaller tumors.  We took him home because there was nothing they could do.  He died at home with his mother, his two daughters, grandson and me by his side.  He was very much loved by us and is terribly missed."

     "Ron had retired in April 2004 and discovered he had a real talent for carving mountain men and Indian faces from tree limbs.  He enjoyed working around the yard and being with his family.  We would have been married for 41 years on Feb. 24."

     "[Ron’s mother] is 94 years old and still lives by herself not too far from where we live."

      "He spoke frequently of his high school days."

.     "Ron joined the Navy after high school.  His family moved to Madera. CA in 1962.  So when Ron was discharged he came to Madera and started working as a parts man for Pistoresi Chrysler dealorship in town.  He worked there for the next 40 years with the exception of 7 years at another Chrysler Dodge dealorship in Fresno.  In 1978, Ron was named one of 50 top Parts Managers in the US for Chrysler.  He never thought it was that big a deal but I did; I knew how hard he worked.  Anytime we went out, someone always came up to talk to him.  He was very well liked and respected"

      "I met Ron in 1965 and we were married in 1967.  He was nine years older than me but we hit it off immediately.  I’ve worked at Valley State Prison for Women, in Chowchilla, for 17 years as a Health Program Specialist in the mental health department."

      "For 25 years, Ron built a 1929 Ford Roadster that was called ‘The Tinker Toy’.  We had many fun times riding in it.  About 15 years ago, he decided he was tired of building cars so he sold it and started cutting wood with his brother, Tom.  Ron and Tom were great friends besides brothers."