Barr, Terrill R.




March 31, 1940 – June 1986


 Terry was survived by his wife, Adrienne
and one son


Personal Reflections

     From Tausca McClintock (Schillaci):  "Terry was this big, happy "bear" of a guy.  He had the greatest smile and a wonderful knack for making everyone laugh.  In high school, he coined the phrase, "unseasonably cool" taking cool to a whole new level.  He also overcame a slight stutter by coming up with alternative words; i.e. turning "pebbbbbb" into "rock" in a blink and continuing on with his story."

     "Terry and I were basketball king and queen … a huge thrill for me.  No two people had bigger smiles that evening.


     "Terry’s unique talent was reading maps.  He pursued that interest by working for Rand McNally in Chicago, Illinols.  We both happened to be living in Chicago at the time.  Our paths crossed only once when he introduced me to his first wife.  As always, he was the life of the party"


     "Terry and his second wife, Adrienne, settled in Boulder, Colorado.  When he learned that his melanoma had recurred, he faced the diagnosis bravely and fought hard to beat it back again.  However, that was not to be.  Bob Dawson and I visited him in the hospital; and again a week before he died, at his home.  He was in good spirits to the end.  He is probably looking down on us now and thinking about how to make us laugh.  Knowing him made all of us better people."