Hackerott, Nancy




April 30, 1940 – December 15, 1986



 Personal Reflection

     Submitted by her brother, Fred Hackerott ’54:  "Nancy was always a serious, hard-working girl from the time she was 14 and our mother passed away at age 46, also of cancer.  Nancy then took over all the housework, plus her schooling for our dad and us three boys, besides herself."

      "As an adult, she kept house for my oldest brother, who never married and was his main caretaker through his 10 year battle with cancer.  She was indeed a sister to be very pround of."


Kathy Bryson Pizar notes in our 50 Year Memory Book … Career:  Nancy passed her Civil Service test and went to work at KSU Extension Ag Department.  She was personal Secretary to the Department supervisor until she had to take a disability retirement due to the side effects of a lifetime of diabetes.


 Nancy is seated in the back right (blue blouse) at a 1984 Christmas family gathering.  She passed away two years later from complications of diabetes and cancer.