Hanks, Richard




October 22, 1940 – October 25, 1969


 He was survived by his Spouse, Connie Hanks;

Children, Robert, Richard, Merton, Teresa, and Rita Hanks;

his Mother, Mrs. Monett Hanks and

Siblings: Murt and Robert Hanks; Mrs. Margaret Butler, Mrs. Lucille Mathews,

Mrs. Phyllis Mathews, and Patty Steeple


Personal Reflection

     Submitted by Janet Krider (Duncan): "Richard was shot in front of the Douglass Community Center, Manhattan, trying to break up a fight someone had started with a friend.  The other man pulled out a gun and shot Dickie in the chest. A total tragedy."


     Excerpt from the Manhattan Mercury, Oct. 27, 1969: "Richard G. Hanks, 29, of Kansas City, brother of City Commissioner Murt Hanks, died as a result of a shooting incident …. shortly after 11 o’clock, Saturday night, and Hanks was pronounced dead on arrival at Memorial Hospital.  Aron Devine and Marvin Butler, 24, director of Douglass Center were accompanying Hanks at the time of the shooting ….


     "Hanks …. had been here over the weekend to attend the Kansas State University – Oklahoma University football game.  He was a K-State graduate …..  He was an electricasl engineer for Proctor and Gamble in Kansas City.