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Sent: Sat, Jan 31, 2015 3:17 pm
Subject: Tom Lundberg

Hello Nan,

This is Tom’s wife, Judy, writing to you.  The MHS newsletter just came in the mail and I thought I’d

let you know that Tom passed away September 7, 2014.  He was in the hospital in Joplin at the time.

We moved to Pittsburg, KS last March and our new address is 1405 S Catalpa, Pittsburg, KS 66762.

Tom always  enjoyed receiving the news from his HS class and appreciated the wonderful job

you and others do to keep the news coming.

I hope your June reunion goes well.   Judy Lundberg


Fond Memories of Tom shared by classmates          [sent to Nan Wells]

Hi, All,

Sorry to hear about Tom. Yes, I enjoyed talking with him at the 50th and working with him on his bio for the Memory Book. I was struck by his excellent taste in movies; kind, family loving personality; and level of accomplishment and education he achieved as a professor and Navy man.  One of his bulleted accomplishments was “Catching, marrying and keeping my wife!!” That statement says a lot about Tom, the adult.

As I write, John is outside shoveling the overnight 8″ of snow at 30 degrees. We had an hour of sleet and are “looking forward” to rain. A foot on snow was already of the ground from two previous storms. The birds are hunching about the bird feeder in a reserved expectation. They may be anticipating the impending snowstorm on Wed.

Is it spring yet? Not according to Punxsutawney Phil this morning — no shadow, no spring. Kathy Bryson Pizar


 Hi everyone,

It is very sad to lose Tom Lundberg.  It was so nice seeing him – after such a long time –  when he came to the last reunion.  I join you all in hoping we get no more bad news!


Judy is right – it is altogether nasty outside today but will not last long and is nothing like the storms you are getting in the east.  May you two from MA and NJ be warm and cozy inside!

Janet Krider Duncan


What sad news I just received from Judy on the passing of Tom.  Each classmate contributed their own part of who we were and who we are today.  Each loss is a terrible loss to family and to us as MHS classmates.

Nan Heintzelman Wells