Toothaker, Dee (Kitterman)




October 6, 1940 – March 10, 2001


Husband: Dr. John H. Kitterman, Aurora, SD

Children: Kirsten (deceased), Karen, Julie and John W.

Grandchildren (9)



Personal Reflections

     From Karen Johnson (Brickham):   "I spoke to Dee about three weeks before she died.  She had had a terrible bout with her heart condition and was actually back at work part-time at a hospital in the records’ department.  I believe, John had me call there to talk to her.  She sounded wonderful.  I was so struck by how her amazing sense of humor was still intact.  We laughed our way through the whole conversation, as if we had had regular visits over the years.  I will always regret that we had not done that.  We did the routine Xmas card letter and that was about it.  She was so looking forward to Suzi’s and my visit, which of course, did not happen.  We were stunned to hear of her death."

     From Dr. John Kitterman (her husband):

"Dee and I were married for over 40 years.  We had 4 children.  Kirsten died at age 29 in 1990, and Dee and I adopted and raised her only child, Nicholas, our oldest grandchild.  We have at this date 9 grandchildren."

"Dee was a Music major at Kansas State U. when we met.  Her instruments were piano and organ.  At the time of her death, she was the organist at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.  She maintained her zealous interest in music all her life.  It should be noted that Dee was devoted to her grandchildren and children.  A highlight for many years was Christmas with all of our children and grandchildren gathered together at our house."

"I found remarkable the number of girlfriends from high school Dee maintained contact with up to her death.  Karen’s reflection accurately reflects this.  Dee’s untimely death, followiing a massive heart attack, ended for me a love affair lasting 42 years.  Even now, 7 years after her death, I miss her so much."

"Note: The photo I sent is not necessarily the best in her later years, but I like it as it shows her shy, sweet smile, and beautiful hair."