Another Trip Down Memory Lane

Another Trip Down Memory Lane

A Personal Reflection by Kathy Bryson (Pizar)

written August 18, 2008

 A couple days ago when John and I were visiting in Maine and Shavaun was home, we had a bad storm. One of our 60′ oaks broke near the ground and part of the pileated woodpecker-riddled trunk bounced off the electric lines near a pole on our small, local 17" Canyon Road in this former lake community.

The electricity went out up and down the short road we live on, although the wires were still intact. Evidently, the stress on the wires tripped something on the pole indicating "danger = cut power.".

While waiting for Jersey Power & Light to restore power, Shavaun said the neighbors pooled in the road and chatted. One neighbor two doors up and across the street had a baby recently: who knew! Julie, the recently divorced mother next door, who has a 5′ fence around her property and drives into the garage and closes the door when coming home, was there with her 7-year-old Vinny frolicking on neighbors’ lawns and the 6-year-old twin girls. The neighbors learned Bob across the street had had a stent put in three months ago and several met the young teacher, Kathy, across the street for the first time.

All of this sudden communication and revelation,in a lake community where houses were built close together in the 1930s-1950s and the small road has never been widened, not the 2-acre zoning required in the balance of Boonton Township, where we technically live and pay taxes.