Sandy Backman (Nelson)’s 1955-1956 Scrapbook

*her scrapbook pages were un-numbered

Pages 1 – 12



Scrapbook Cover


Page 1


The cartoon  clipping reads: "We all ought to have a hobby.  You know, something to do when the fellows don’t call."



mPage 2



     The clipping reads: " Colonel Milford F. Itz and family depart this week for his new duty assignment at the Air War College at Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, Alabama.  Since 1951 Col Itz has served as department head of Air Science at the college.  During this period approximately 500 young Air Force officers received their Air Force commissions upon graduation from K-State.

     The Itz family have been active in both college and civic affairs, including PTA, College Social Club, Rotary.  Col[,] Itz graduated from Kansas State College with an engineering degree in 1938, and received his pilot wings in the old Air Corps the following year.  During his Air Force career, the Colonel has flown a few thousand hours in aircraft ranging from the B-18 of pre-World War II fame to the current single engine jet air-craft.  In addition to his command positions, he has attended Command and Staff school of both the USAF and the Royal Candadian Air Force, and received an MA from Columbia University.

     Colonel and Mrs. Itz, with their daughters, Nancy and Debby will reside at Maxwell AFB, Alabama during the coming year while the Colonel attends the Air War College, the highest level of professional study offered by the Air Force to its senior officers."  



Page 3



 The inside of the card that appears above




Page 4





Page 5



     (Under Left picture) A GOOD CROWD turned out Monday night at the championship game which ended the 9-day Fourth District Legion Tournament in Wamego.  A portion of the crowd seen in the photo to the left as the fans begin filing out after Emporia handed (continued under righthand side picture …)

     (Under Right picture) Manhattan a 6-4 setback and won the berth in the state tournament.  At the right, these four Manhattan fans give with a lusty cheer from their perch on a blanket along the thirdbase line.  (Mercury photos by Dick Kill).




mPage 6


 Y-Teen Party

To the left just off the page is printed "Punch & Cookies (1)"




mPage 7


End of Summer


A new game that we played

The paper plate has 4 columns and one written in the ribbing of the plate on right.

Column 1……..Column 2……..Column 3……..Column 4……..Column 5



Wed.…………. …Gary……………..Table…………….Legs……… …… Jeans

Thurs.………… ..David…………….Sink………..  … Head…………. . Pants

Fri.………………..Wayne…………..Chair……….. ….Neck………….. .Slip


Sandy is searching her memory to see if she can explain how this game might have worked.  If any of you remember please explain in the comment box below.  We’re dying to know and have, in the meantime, come up with some "interesting" X- rated possibilities but ….




Page 8


This is a ditto page that is very, very faded but recopied below so that you can read it.m





Blue ……………………………………..Red

40 Mike McNeil Soph mmmmm  40 David Miser Jr
41 David Baker Sr   41 Edgar Starnes Soph
42 Terry Barr Soph   42 Dick Cunningham  Sr?
43 Mike McDonald  Soph    43  James Budden  Soph 
51  John Garrett  Sr   44  Gary Kershner   (Sandy’s underline) Soph 
52  Danny Annis  Sr    45  John Frey  Soph 
53  Larry Justice  Sr    50  Philip Wofford  Jr 
54  Jim Padgett  Soph    51  Larry Cowan  Jr 
56  Tim Grace  Sr    52  Monty Williamson  Soph 
57  Gary Criss  Sr    55  Warren Hixson  Jr 
58  Stan Conrow  Sr    60  Lloyd Helms  Sr 
59  Fred Boone  Sr    63  Tom Alexander  Jr 
60  Don Zahnley  Soph    64  Jim Erickson  Jr 
61  John Wittwer  Soph    65  Craig Chappell  Jr 
62  Moss Richardson  Jr    67  David Long  Jr 
63  Paul Wilson  Soph    69  Tommy Dunn  Jr 
64  Harlin Henton  Soph    71  Bob Dawson   (Sandy’s underline) Jr 
66  Sonny Ballard  Sr    72  John Dawson  Soph 
67  Tommy Lundberg  Soph    73  Denny Anderson  Jr 
68  Bill Klimek  Soph    74  David Leavengood  Jr 
70  Steve Douglas  Sr    76  Bob Fair  Jr 
71  Martinez, Fred Soph    80  Bob Parrian  Sr 
75  Jim Angle  Sr    81  Frank Lowman  Jr 
77  Ronnie Sowell  Sr    82 Bill White  Jr 
78  Howard Tubbs  Sr    83  Larry Bennington  Jr 
79  Lowell Johnson  Sr    84  Donny Slater  Jr 
45  Nelson, Wayne Soph    85  Albert Chandler  Jr 
44  Soper, Adrian Jr    54  Larry Chartier  Jr 
        56  Hoppert, Fred* Soph 
        57  Mason, Bill Jr 

* names in reverse order as written on the ditto sheet



Page 9






Page 10



Sunday, October 16, 1955, page 13

A FULL PAGE SPREAD Entitled " Teen Town Continues to Draw Crowds In Its 13th Year"

Mercury Staff Photos by Dick Kill

saved by Sandy in her scrapbook with the comment:  "TEEN TOWN & It’s Little PEOPLE"






mPage 11






mPage 12


Clipping reads: "SOCIALLY MINDED LIKE THEIR MOTHER, the children of Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Kendall, Gifford, Denise and Vicki, enter into the spirit of party giving and help prepare such dishes as the occasion calls for.  The Kendalls frequently entertain friends before or after the fall and winter football and basketball games.  Here Mrs. Kendall, her son and daughters, are making cinnamon ring rolls.  For readers who would like to make ring of cinnamon rolls for holiday guests, here is Mrs. Kendall’s recipe:

One cup scalded milk, one cake compressed yeast or one package granular yeast, 4 tablespoons shortening, 2 tablespoons sugar, 2 eggs beaten, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 3 1/4 cups sifted flour, one cup sugar, 4 teaspoons cinnamon and melted butter.  Let the milk cool to lukewarm, add cake yeast and stir until dissolved (if using granular yeast dissolve in one fourth cup lukewarm water.  Add to three-fourths cup cooled scalded milk.  Cream shortening and sugar.  Add eggs.  Add milk mixture, salt and flour.

Let rise in a warm place until doubled in bulk.  Pinch down.  Pick off pieces of dough and make balls about the size of a walnut.  Mix sugar and cinnamon.  Dip the balls into butter, then into sugar mixture.  layer the balls in a greased 10 inch tube pan.  Let rise one hour.  Bake at 350 degrees F. for 35 to 40 minutes.  Turn out on a tray.  Serve at Christmas time with maraschino cherries and pecan halves between balls.  Trim top with holly. Yield–one 10-inch ring of rolls."


 Bottom section of page 12

Clipping reads: "Set For A Holiday —Some of the more popul [……]

of Memorial Day holiday

[……] ion are pictured above

[……] ous Manhattanites prepare for the day away from rountine duties.  At far [……]

Vickie Kendall, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Richard Kendall, 2025 Pierre, (…….]"



Pages   1 – 12 m.m Pages 13 – 25 mnm Pages 26 – 36 mm

Pages 37 – 47   m.mPages 48 – 57 mm Pages 58 – 75

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  1. What a trip down memory lane that was Sandy! Thanks for sharing it. IF I was at that particular party, I haven’t a clue either how the game was played. It does sound like an Elaine thing though! Hope someone remembers it and clues us all in.

    Yes, Nan, I too thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this. It’s a wonderful website and ours is probably the best one going!

  2. This is GREAT! What a fabulous time capsule. I’m wondering if the “Food Editor” who “visited the Kendall kitchen” might have been Clementine Paddleford? (now on the MHS Wall of Fame) She would have been working on her cookbook HOW AMERICA EATS in those days, and the Manhattan Gourmet Cooking Club got a mention. Victoria, do you remember this?

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