Our 9th Grade (1955) CLASS PROPHECY


Source: The Junior High News, Volume XXVIII, Manhattan, Kansas, May 25, 1955, Number 12



     This class of 1955 being given the mystic powers of the Middle East to gaze forthright into the dark, dense, void of the future, find the following predictions to be not only the gospel truth, but also possible, probable, and logical.




Garnett Baker — Is now a drum player for an all girl band in Las Vegas.

Barbara Beckenhauer — Is enjoying herself teaching at K-State.

Margene Blasing — Has a large rabbit farm in Wyoming.

Sandra Bottger — Now has a "Super Duper" grocery store in New York.

Harold Booton — Is now a great trumpet player after studying under Raphael Mendez.

Mary Brighton — Is now following her sister’s footsteps as a[n] interior decorator.

Larry Brown —  a[A]fter finishing at West Point is a c[C]olonel in the U. S. Army.

Kathleen Bryson — Is now a famous cello player in a symphony orchestra.

Anita Burford — Now is a dress designer for Marjorie Main.

Delores Calkins — Is making miniature models of Roman Temples for a High School Latin workbook.

Janice Chalmers — Head of a false finger nail factory in Chicago.

Alicia Cordova — A millionaire hair stylist for the Seventeen magazine.

Norma Cornelius — Is a high stock holder in the Post Toasties Corporation.

Marcia Farthing — Is head of the dishwashing department of Notre Dame.

Lois Frazier — Is now a famous politician.

Donna Foster — Now is in the Women’s Marine Corps stationed in Los Angeles.

Janet Fussell — Now owns a barber shop displaying her talent on "crew cuts."

Suzi Gerber — Is now a model for Vogue Magazine.

Phylllis Gilstrap — Is a millk truck driver for the City Dairy.

[format changes within the prophecy]

Ruth Gladow now is a secretary for a big law firm in Texas.

Sue Hostetler is a famous society wome[a]n in Germany.

Karen Johnson is a social worker in the New York slum area.

Warrene Johnson can now be seen at 8:00 on T.V.

Velma Kautz is now a primary school teacher on the Gobi Desert.

Jean Keck now is a pin carrier for an altering shop in Topeka.

Vickey [Vicky] Kendall now is a dentist following in her father’s footsteps.

Gary Kershner is now the golf champion of the world.

Jo Kesner now is a manufacture[r] of "Kesner’s Frozen Carrot Juice."

Bill Klimek is now the head of the F.B. I.

Janey Lax is now a Wave in the Navy.

Don Leffingwell is now shooting movies at the n[N]orth p[P]ole.

Tom Lundberg is now an all-American football star.

Rebecca McArthur is now a great flutest for a symphony orchestra.

Rexene McBane is now owner and top soda jerk at McBane’s Malt shop.

Tausca McClintock is top dancer on Broadway.

Mike McDonald is now is [in] the U. S. Marines.

Barbara MacFarlane is still riding in a black coupe.

Lou Ann McKinnon is very happily married to a Colonel in the U. S. Army.

Mike McNeil is now the governor of Alaska.

Vivian Manly is a very successful house wife.

Glenda Moore has given the secret of red hair to Hollywood and has made her first cool million.

Donna Morgan is a successful newspaper reporter for the New York Times.

Wayne Moritz is Dean of the Agricultural Dept. of Kansas State College.

Ann Morrell is now running a successful boarding house.

Jo Ann Murphy is now teaching recreation at the grade schools.

Wayne Nelson is now owner of a large hotel chain.

Richard Niemoeller is owner of Niemoller’s [Niemoeller’s] Service Station in outer Mongolia.

Dorothy Nonamaker is taking over Shakespeare’s place in literature.

(Prophecy format reverts back to the original but with no caps)

Pat Noller — is now taking over Admiral Byrd’s place in exploring Arctic.

Janice Oppenlander — is now a nurse in a gigantic hospital in Ogden.

Paula Oppy — has appeared at Carnegie Hall three times.

Margaret Ott — has been named teacher of the year.

Bonnie Outhet — has now take Florence Nightingale’s place in history.

Rudy Reynolds — is now an up-and-coming band leader.

Norma Rice — is teaching school in the Phillippines.

Dave Richards — has recently earned the title of "Farmer of the Year" awarded by Kansas State College.

Martha Richards — is now president of a factory that turns out nothing but black 49 Fords.

Ann Roberts — is an artist in Africa paianting monkeys of all descriptions.

Bill Robinson — is now the Love Lorn writer for the Manhattan Mercury Chronicle.

Roger Robinson — is making a name for himself as a space cadet in c[C}aptain Vido’s Crew.

Vida Running — is recording her own songs on Decca.

Kenneth Schartau — is a wild animal hunter in Africa using his widely – known collection of guns.

Marilyn Scheleen — is the typist for the President of the United States.

Irene Scott — is a prominent member of the accordian teachers’ association.

Frank Siegle — is now a rooster crower for the Metropolitan Opera.

Judy Smith — is a woman Senator from Kansas.

Martha Smith — is a great artist in Spain after moving there two years ago.

John Stewart — is now playing with the Boston Philharmonic.

Lyndon Tomasch — is a well known man about town.

Mona Jo Townsend — is now a music teacher replacing Miss Jerard.

Ann Truax — is now expertly turning out 250 black wigs a week.

John Twiehaus — is now strong man in a well – known circus.

Joan[n] Van Valkenburgh — is now raising chickens in the White Chicken Hatchery.

Darlene West — is now raising horses in Wyoming.

Frank [Franc] Whitney — is now head chef in one of the Hilton hotels.

Linda Williams — is now teaching tractor driving to the F. F. A.

Monty Williamson j[J]r is now the White House electrician.

John Wittwer — is now a test driver for General Motors.

Bonnie Wofford — is teaching first grade at Douglas School.

Donna Worcester — is now the helping manager at the Ekart auto repair.

Don Zahnley — is now ninth grade social studies’ teacher in Room 14.