Our 9th Grade (1955) CLASS WILL


Source: The Junior High News, Volume XXVIII, Manhattan, Kansas, May 25, 1955, Number 12



     For 1955 — CLASS WILL — Finis


     We, the graduating class of 1955, are about to depart in sorrow from the illustrious, beloved academic, institution, beloved by us all.  Wedesire [We desire], with all the authenticity of true benefactors, to bequeath certain treasured, and time-honored possessions to those who would follow after us in our large, collosal, footsteps.

Jerry Achenback — wills his old license plated [plate] off of his car to Mr. Monk.

Joe Albrecht — wills his drum stick to Bill La Shell.

Darlene Allen — wills her "hot trumpet" to Russell Berlin.

Helen Anderson — leaves 5" of her height to Linda Matthews.

Ronnie Anderson — wills his duck tail haircut to Jan Jorgensen.

Eldon Arkel — wills taking his sister home everyday after school to Johnnny Lundberg.

Sandy Backman — leaves her tiny waist to May Rogers.

Sandra Baehr — leaves her position in glee club to Dorothy Sawicki.

John Barclay — wills his smile to Joe Davis.

Terry Barr — wills her [his] Albebra [Algebra] grades back to Mr. Roberts.

Norma Berry — wills her Algebra grades back to Mr. Roberts.

Jane Bigford — wills her typing ability to Aileen Britt.

Jon Brake — wills his pole vaulting ability to Joe Schmidt.

James Budden — wills his Vocational Ag. pigs to Joe Howe.

Frank Burnett — wills his witty ways to Don McGehee.

Judy Burnett — wills her soft sweet voice to Pat Duncan.

Curt Chadwick — wills his dancing ability to Bill Nickel.

Delbert Cordry — wills his attention in class to Le Roy Padgett.

Chuck Crum — will his wavy hair to Philip Marvin.

Larry DeCou — wills his seat in fourth hour social studies to some unsuspecting eighth grader.

Ronni Dial — wills his ability to play a trumpet to Donald Clark.

Bill Diebler — wills his very sunny disposition to Jimmy Wareham.

Sharon Dotson — wills her figure to Judy Booth.

Bill Drown — wills his a{A]lgebra grades to his sister Beverly Drown.

Pat Dufva — wills her pony tall to who ever could use a little more.

Barbara Duncan — to Kay Fair, Barbara Duncan wills her freckles.

Noel Duncan — wills his first seat in orchestra to Jim Goheen.

Linda Estes —wills her Algebra book to Julie Palmquist.

Bill Fellers — wills his social studies grades to his brother Lanny Fellers.

David  Ferguson — wills his comic books to Kenny Torlumeke.

Kenny Foveaux — wills his "height" to Mark Horlings.

John Frey — wills his "farming ability" to Duane Roepke.

Jerry Graves — wills his "muscles" to Steve Pedro.

Janet Griffith — wills her navy Blue convertible and driver to Jean Van Valkenburgh.

Nancy Hackerott — wills her a[A]lgebra book to Pauline Henton.

Dick Hanks — wills his "pink shirt" to Billy Welch.

Dick Hansing — wills his "Detective ability" to Jimmy King.

John Harris — wills his height to Richard Brown.

Ramona Harrison — wills her h[H]ome e[E]c. dress to Bonnie Bloom.

Donna Hays —wills her great voice to the Girls Glee Club for next year.

Nanette Heintzelman — wills her 5’1" to Margretta Flinner.

Harlin Henton — wills his football build to Roger Peterson.

Mary Ellen Henton — wills her social studies book to her sister Pauline Henton.

Paul Holingshead — wills his dark hair to David Nelson.

Molly Hoover — wills her toga to Vicki Skaggs.

Fred Hoppert — wills his voice to Larry Monahan.

Tony Ingle — wills his brain to Reid Wareham.

David Isaacson — wills his ability to play baseball to all eighth grade boys.

June Keck — wills her long hair to Charlene Cox.

Elaine Knorr — wills her ninth grade classes to any one that wants them.

Janet Krider — wills her sparkling disposition to Betty Hackney.

Barbara Lanning — wills her literature book to Barbara Dix.

Delphine Lewis —wills her ninth grade class to her cousin Garibay Lewis.

Jeanette Love — wills her kind ways to Sandra Jacobson.

Gon Mar — wills his social studies book to Ronnell Ott.

Charles Marker — wills his pencil to Mike Florell.

Fred Martinez — wills his D’s in a[A]lgebra to Billy Kitterman.

Gaylon Metcalf — wills his track ability to Jerry Fussel.

Lauren Miller — wills his "hot rod" car to Steve Boone.

Eddie Olson — wills his purple car to the Driver Training Class.

Donnie Padgett —- wills his social studies seat to anyone who wants it.

Jim Padgett — will his shoulders to Roger Peterson.

Irvine Parks — wills his Driver Training note book to Mr. Wright.

Virgil Parson[s] — wills his cheerleading ability to M. J. H. S.’s future cheerleaders.

Gerald Powell — wills his trombone to Mr. Norvell.

Renevay Scott — wills her voice to Josephine Escobar.

Doris Self — wills her bopping ability to Sandra McCormick.

Alfred Silva — wills his shoes size 10 1/2 to Mr. Donnell.

Alberta Simmons — wills her locker to Sue Kesner.

Arnie Sondergard — wills his sweet attitude to Jerry Padgett.

Ronnie Sondergard — wills his good looks to Bill Soupene.

Sherry Sowell — wills her long hair to Elizabeth Arnold.

Dale Staatz — leaves his red hair and freckles to Mrs. Hockett.

Karl Stacey — wills his height to next year’s basketball team.

Alice Starnes — wills her gay attitude to Bethine Alexander.

Carol Stewart — wills her cheerleading skirt to next year’s cheerleaders.

Connie Stewart — wills her sweet smile to Marcia Decker.

Robert Stewart — wills his build and hair to Earl Kientz.

Bonnie Sundeen — wills her clean locker to Jeannie Webb.

Barbara Taylor — wills her pixie bangs to Bonnie Schwartz.

Dee Toothaker — wills her flute to Nancy Itz.

Dan Wilson — wills his eyes to Pat Duncan.

Paul Wilson — wills his wolf-whistle to the future ninth graders.

Gary Yode[r] — leaves his sunny disposition to Johnny Machin.

Dan Young — wills his old rear view mirror from his motor scooter to Mr. Wright.