THE RAT PACK … link sent in by Molly Hoover Hedrick (12.2010)


submitted by Molly Hoover Hedrick

(December 2010)


This will bring back memories!!  Enjoy!

These guys were so great and to think the clip is from 45 years ago… It was resurrected recently because the Kiel Opera House has been inactive for many years and the Peabody Coal Company, headquarted in St. Louis is going to renovate it and reactivate it under the name of Peabody Opera House.

This show is at Kiel Opera House in St Louis, June 1965.

Carson hosted….

Carson had the Tonight Show….

The Rat Pack were playing Vegas….

This is supposed to be the ONLY time Carson sang in public. Quincy Jones was conducting the Count Basie band, and he is visible in the background.

Do Not miss this performance………….. it should make your day !